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Breaking New Ground is a policy initated by the Department of Human Settlement to accelerate the delivery of quality housing to the people.
The policy shifts focus from providing low cost housing to a comprehensive strategy that looks at low cost, middle income, rental stock, provision of serviced sites and the improvement of informal settlements to make..

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BNG Season 5 - Episode 01 : Westenera

By Department of Human Settlement

BNG Season 5 - Episode 01 : Westenera

By Department of Human Settlement

BNG Season 5 - Episode: South African Woman in Construction

By Department of Human Settlement

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Ms Nomaindia Mfeketo

Human Settlements Minister

Current Positions
Ms Nomaindia Mfeketo is currently serving as the Minister of Human Settlements, having previously served as the Deputy Minister of International Relations and Corporation. She was the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly from 9 May 2009 until 25 May 2014. She was awarded a Honorary Doctorate of Law from the University of Cape Town. She was elected Chairperson of the South African Wine Trust (SAWIT) and received the Local Government Management of South Africa Award for launching a large citizen listening campaign in 2003.She became the fourth woman and the first black woman to be Mayor of the City of Cape Town when she held the post briefly in 1998. She was re-elected Mayor following the floor-crossing period which gave her party, the ANC, the majority in the city council in 2002. She held the post until the DA regained control of the council in 2006


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Zoliswa Kota-Fredericks

The Honourable Zou Kota-Fredericks was appointed Deputy Minister of Human Settlements in 2009. She cut her political teeth during the 1976 student riots at Langa High School in Cape Town becoming an active member of numerous organisations including the Ikhwezi Community Centre in Gugulethu; Young Christian Workers; AZASO; COSAS and the Cape Youth Congress. She also served as the first secretary of the United Women’s Organisation and a Student Representative in the Island of Youth in Cuba.

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