BNG Synopsis

Lindiwe Nonceba Sisulu

Based on the policy of the BNG, the department has launched a television series to showcase the various projects that the department has embarked upon as part of the implementation of this policy.

Sisulu also used the show to mobilize support across all sectors of society, basically saying that in order for the government to meet the target of building 1,5 million houses over the next five years, all the players must come on board to do their part. She urges employers to revive the old pratices in which they would build houses for their employees. She also urges the financial institutions to be more innovative to help people access building loans. She pleads with huge contractors to help women and the youth to get into the industry as part of the transformation of the industry.

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Purpose of the show

Delivery of quality housing to people in informal settlements.
Improvement of informal settlements to make
them more habitable.
To urge financial institutions to be more innovative in helping people get access to building loans.
Empowerment of women in construction.

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The big indaba for housing during which the
minister sought a consensus from various players to revive the social accord. The accord was signed a few years ago to consolidate partnership among various forces to speed up the delivery of houses.