President Zuma launches biggest Social Housing project in South Africa

Projects such as Westgate Social Housing provide tangible proof that we are a country where people and children from all racial and cultural backgrounds can live and play together, said President Zuma.

President Zuma was speaking at the launch of Westgate Social Housing project in Pietermaritzburg on 1st April 2017.
“We are a government that will never rest until every South African citizen lives in a decent shelter. Our resolve is to restore the dignity of our people through human settlements”, added President Zuma.

The Westgate Social Housing project expected to provide decent and affordable accommodation to more than three thousand people is a direct positive response to the housing needs of those who neither qualify for the fully subsidized housing programme nor qualify for the bonded houses affectionately known as “gap market”.

The project, which was developed under the Social Housing Policy for households with monthly incomes between R1500 to R7500, is a great achievement for government through the Department of Human Settlements.

Government has delivered close to 4,5 million houses and opportunities since the dawn of democracy.