Property Developers need to comply with all building and inspection rules that are required to protect consumers against poor workmanship during construction.

With an aim to send a strong message to developers who do not comply with the building regulations, the National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC) has fined PJJ Van Vuuren Beleggings company R1. 6 million for not complying with the rules.

Van Vuuren Beleggings Company started with the construction of 160 residential units without enrolling the homes with the NHBRC.

The company’s action contravened the Housing Consumers Protection Measures Act 95 of 1998 which requires that all new homes to be enrolled with the NHBRC 15 days prior to construction.

Home enrolment insures consumers against poor building practises and permits the NHBRC to conduct building inspections at key stages of construction.

“We are very satisfied with this ruling and hope it will act as deterrent to those developers and builders who don’t adhere to the law. As the NHBRC we are committed to contributing to the creation of sustainable human settlements and adhering to good building standards. It is clear from the sanction imposed that such contraventions will be dealt with harshly and swiftly to send a message to would be offenders and to deter similar conduct in future”, said NHBRC Acting CEO Thitinti Moshoeu.

Housing consumers who wish to build or buy new homes are advised to verify builders’ registration and home enrolment beforehand with the NHBRC.thitinti