Social Housing institutions need to shift gear

Deputy Minister of Human Settlements Zou Kota – Fredericks says Social Housing Institutions should get ready to do business differently.
“The need for 320 000 more affordable rental housing units in urban areas presents an opportunity for more Social Housing Institutions (SHI) to work together in order to achieve this target, said Kota- Fredericks.
“Government has invested R7.6 Billion in this particular form of affordable rental housing thus far, however going forward we need to transform the sector economically, there is a necessity to make sure that everybody benefits including women and youth in this country,” added Deputy Minister Kota – Fredericks.
The Deputy Minister was speaking at the South African Housing Regulatory Authority’s (SHRA) Annual Consultative Forum in Johannesburg.
Delegates at the Consultative Forum discussed among other matters the development of a thriving Social Housing Sector which will enable growth in the industry, economic transform and fast- tracked delivery of projects.
She also congratulated the (SHI’s) that accomplished their targeted number of rental units and encouraged under - achievers to work harder. “We want to cut the red tapes to afford the new players in the industry a chance to grow and participate actively in the economy of the country”, added the Deputy Minister.
The SHRA is an agent of the Department of Human Settlements responsible for regulating the Social Housing Sector in South Africa. It also deals with approval, administration and disbursement of institutional investment and the consolidated capital grants such as the Restructuring Capital Grant and Institutional Subsidy. The SHRA promotes an enabling environment for the growth and development of the Social Housing Sector.

Lack of access to suitable land and finance is another impediment to fast tracked delivery social housing. Deputy Director-General of the Department OF Human Settlements Mr Neville Chainee added that SHRA’s council had submitted proposals to amend subsidies and Restructuring Capital Grant to the Department for consideration.