What is the value of a Title Deed document?

Owning a house is a need that makes life easy and secure. Moreover the document that proves the ownership of property brings dignity to the family. It is for this reason the Department of Human Settlements is creating awareness around the ownership of a title deed in order to secure the inheritance of the property.

In an effort to speed up the title deeds backlog, the Human Settlements, Chief Director of Communications, Ndivhuwo Mabaya has encouraged people to go and collect their title deeds at Municipal Offices where they have applied for their houses.

He was speaking during the interview with Metro FM on the 24 July 2017.

“The department will be appointing a team of conveyancers on each province to accelerate the delivery of title deeds. Human Settlements Department has put together the resources to make our people understand the importance of having a title deed document in their hands. This is a paper that enables our people to handover the property to the next generation in their families” Departmental Spokesperson, Mabaya said.