Shape up or ship out, MEC Gaolaolwe warns under-performing housing developers

Housing developers in Bokone Bophirima stand to have their contracts terminated and their companies blacklisted for failure to deliver houses on record time.

MEC for Local Government and Human Settlements, Galaletsang who has been engaging with housing developers across the province to track progress on housing projects, has issued a stern warning against housing developers who do not finish their projects on time.

Although housing developers have been given an opportunity to re-work their delivery schedules which the department will closely monitor on a weekly basis, they (housing developers) are not off the hook as yet.   The department is in the process of issuing out warning letters to terminate contracts should the delivery schedule not be followed to the latter.

MEC Gaolaolwe said the department was also working on a strategy to improve and fast-track the delivery of houses in the province. “It’s time we turn around the state of housing delivery in the province by improving on the speed at which we deliver houses to our communities as well as the quality of the houses that we build. The people of Bokone Bophirima deserve better and we cannot afford to fail them,’’ she said.whatsapp-image-2017-10-04-at-12-24-45