Siyahlola Transformation Golf Challenge Media Breakfast




img_8224A large number of women remain at the receiving end of the harsh realities of our poor performing economy.As a result poverty, unemployment and inequality remain a constant reminder and threat to the gains made regarding women empowerment. That is why we cannot just talk about issues affecting women and children during women’s month only. It must be part of our daily living. There is a need to challenge the status quo in this regard.

The department remains resolute on the issue of economic empowerment of women in the entire Human Settlements value chain. Particularly those who are at the end of thechain and in dire need of descent quality housing. It is against this background that we want to encourage the use of all policy instruments created to fast track delivery options including the use of Alternative Building Technologies (ABT’s).

The department is also implementing of 30% quota where by 30% of the budget / projects are allocated to women contractors. Provinces are also required to set aside 1 956 units to be built by women contractors every year during women’s month.

Provinces are aware of this policy framework and there are those who have started implementing it, we would like to encourage those who have not started to begin to do so as soon as possible thus ensuring that all of us move in one direction.

We are here to launch the Siyahlola Transformation Golf Challenge, an annual initiative aimed at establishing and strengthening partnership between government, private sector and the media. Provision of quality, descent houses to vulnerable families in our communities remains critical.Government cannot do this alone, we need partnerships.We need all hands on deck.